How to Invite Users

For your prelaunch campaign, Prefinery lets you create a custom application (signup) form for your product which you can setup to ask for name, email, or any other information you would like to collect from users, and then easily install that form on your website. 

After a visitor submits the form they are given a unique referral link to encourage them to share your beta with friends via email or on their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. 

The idea is that you lock down something and require an invitation code in order to grant access. That "something" depends on your product.

For example, if you have a SaaS product, then you would add an "invitation code" input field to your account registration form and ask for an invitation code in addition to the normal email and password in order to create an account. This means that no one can create an account on your site unless they have received an invitation code. Then, on your homepage you ask visitors to apply for your waitlist by filling out the Prefinery-powered signup form. 


Prefinery manages the flow of your users through different stages in the form of statuses as they move from applying for access (the applied status), to being invited (the nbsp;invited status), to using their invitation code and ultimately actively using your product (the active status). 

Inviting Users

After having collected users on your waitlist, at some point you'll be ready to start inviting applicants to your product's private beta. To do this: 


From your project dashboard's navigation sidebar, click on Users


In the Users page, you can use the Filter button to open up the filter section and setup filters to search for specific type of users. 

The same functionality can also be used to search for individual users by name or email address. 

You can also sort by field by clicking on the column headers. The Waitlist View allows you to see the user list by ranking. You can customize the Tabular View at any time by clicking the Customize Table button. 


Select the users that you want to invite, then click on the Action dropdown button and select Invite

Notice how the newly invited users are no longer in the filtered list because their Status has changed from applied to invited

Alternatively, you can invite a user individually by clicking on them from the list (or clicking their View button) to navigate to their profile page, and from there you can click on the 3-dot options menu and select Invite

Note: Only users in the applied status are on the waiting list. Once you've invited them or set them to active, they are pulled off of the waiting list.

Emailing the Invitation Code

When you invite a user the following will happen: 


The user's invitation code is generated. You can find this by viewing the user's profile. 


The user's status changes from applied to invited, and the time and date ("invited_at" timestamp) of that event is recorded. 


All email messages that are set to trigger when a user's status becomes invited are queued for sending. 

Your project comes with an "Invitation" email message already added. You will want to edit this email to include instructions for how or where the user can use their invitation code in order to get access to your product. As described earlier, this depends on what you are gating access to. If it is SaaS app, then this email probably says something like "Congratulations, you've been invited! Click this link to redeem your code and get access." and provide a link to your registration page. 

Pro Tip: You can pre-fill your account registration form by passing the user's email address and invitation code along as URL parameters. For example, you can provide a link or a nice call to action button which goes to{{}}&code={{user.invitation_code}}

Note: While your account comes with one email message set to trigger on the invited event, you are free to create more email messages with this same trigger. For instance as shown in the image below, you may want to send them a reminder to use their invitation code if they haven't already done so after 3 days of being invited and they haven't been activated yet.

Validating Invitation Code

The invitation code that Prefinery automatically generates for a user is tied to their email address. We give you the formula to calculate what the user's invitation code should be, then you compare that to the code the user provides. To learn more about how this works, please check out our invitation code validation guide.

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