Prefinery Statuses Explained

What does each status mean?

Imported You have imported this user.
Unconfirmed This status only exists if you have enabled Double Opt-in Confirmation for your project. If so, this status reflects that this user has applied for access, but has not yet clicked the opt-in confirmation link sent via email.
Applied This user has applied for access. If you have enabled Double Opt-in Confirmation for your project, this status reflects that this user has opted in.
Rejected You have rejected this user's application for access.
Invited You have approved this user's application and invited them to participate.
Active This user is actively participating. 

Note: Activate a user to automatically move them to this status.
Idle This user has not been seen recently. 

Note: A user will automatically move to the Idle status if they have not checked in within the number of days you have specified as Idle Days on the Beta Management Settings page.
Suspended Email delivery and social sharing via this user's referral link is disabled and and any existing Shares or Referrals are not counted. 

Note: A user will automatically be Suspended if any email to them results in a hard bounce. A hard bounce means that the email address does not exist and, in most cases, represents a fraudulent form submission. If a user is suspended in error you can unsuspend them from their profile page.

How can users change status?

From Status To Status
Imported Applied
Imported / Applied / Rejected Invited
Imported / Applied / Invited Rejected
Imported / Applied / Invited / Rejected Active
Imported / Applied / Invited / Rejected / Active Suspended
Unconfirmed Applied

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