How to re-invite users

When using Prefinery's invitation system, when you get to the stage where you start inviting users there's chance the user will miss the initial invite. 

In a typical setup, when a user is invited an invitation email is sent to them containing their invite code and/or the link to where they can confirm their invitation. There can be cases though where a user may have unintentionally archived or deleted the invitation email or marked it as read. To cover such cases, Prefinery provides you options for re-sending the invitation email. When the invitation email is sent again, there's no change involved in the user's status. 

Before your proceed: If the initial invitation email sent to the user ended up bouncing, or as a spam complaint, please don't re-send the invitation email yet until you've resolved the deliverability issue, otherwise continuing to send messages to invalid email addresses or to recipients who no longer want to receive your emails can negatively impact your sender reputation.

Here's how: 

Automatically resend invitation email

With this method, you can setup an invitation reminder email that's sent to the user after X days of being invited but still haven't accepted the invite yet or used their invitation code so their status has remained "invited" and still not "active".

From your project dashboard, go to Email > Messages, and find your Invitation email (or any other email that's send when "user is invited". Clone that email message. 

After cloning, a copy will appear. Edit that copy. 

While editing the copy, go to its Settings tab, modify the email message name as needed and make sure to set the following new changes: 

  • Set delivery to X days
  • Set delivery condition to "Status - is - Invited". 

You can add more conditions as needed like "Email - not opened - Invitation" so the reminder email is only sent to those who hasn't opened the original "Invitation" email yet. 

Make sure to Save your changes when done. Afterwards, if needed you can go to the Content tab and make changes to the email copy like letting the user know you've sent them the original invitation email before but it looks like they missed it. 

Navigate back to Email > Messages, find the invitation reminder message you created and edited, then Activate it. 

Manually resend invitation email

To manually resend the original invitation email, go to Users page in your project dashboard. Here you can use filters to get the user table to only display a subset of users (e.g. users where "status is invited") then you can perform the action of resending the invitation email to filtered or selected users. 

Note: You can only re-invite a user once every 24 hours. If you try to re-invite them again more than once within the same 24-hour period it will do nothing. Only the first re-invite within that period will retrigger the invitation email. 

For more information on how to use the filters and in performing bulk actions, you can refer to our guide here.

Alternatively, while viewing an individual user's profile page, you can click on the options menu (3 vertical dot icon) and select Re-invite

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