How do I export users?

If you're looking to export users from your project to use the email list with another software or platform, we highly recommend that you look into setting up an integration between Prefinery and that service instead. This would allow you to automate the whole process and leave it running in the background. For more information on this, please see: Integrating Prefinery with Other Apps

All exports are in standard, fully-supported CSV format. You can use it with any application or service that supports the format (e.g. Excel, Google Sheets, various 3rd-party tools). 

Exporting all users

To export all users in your project, from your project dashboard navigate to Audience > All Users page. Click on the Action button and then choose Export from the menu. The number of users indicated beside the Action button is the total number of users you'll be exporting. You do not need to select any users. 

The same method can be used in both the Tabular View and the Waitlist/Leaderboard View

Exporting selected users

You can also select specific users to export. For example, you may want to export data about the top 10 users in your waitlist or leaderboard. 

Using filters to export specific users

The Filter in Audience > All users page allows you to only show a specific subset of users based on the conditions you set in the filter. 

After applying the filter, the number of users that match your filter is shown. Click on the Actions button and then choose Export from the menu to export all of those matching users. You do not need to manually select any of those users.

Receiving and accessing the export file

Export files, once completely processed, are emailed to the account user/manager that performed the export (ie. the email address you used to login to your account). Below is an example of such a notification email: 

You can also view, download or delete exports from your project by navigating to Settings > Project Settings > Exports in your project dashboard. 

Depending on the number of users you are exporting as well as other jobs in our work queue the exporting process could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to complete. We send you an email once the export is finished and ready for you to access/download.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I export hidden users?

If you are currently on the Free plan, or a paid plan but exceeded its user limit, you would not have access to those excess users (nor be able to export them) until you upgrade to a higher plan that supports that user limit.

I've initiated an export, when do I receive the CSV file?

Please see the Receiving and accessing the export file above.

Also, kindly check if the email may have been mistakenly flagged as spam (check spam folder), got filtered, or auto-mark-as-read/forwarded somewhere else (and maybe auto-deleted after forwarding). You can search your mailbox for any email coming from with subject "Prefinery Export". 

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