How to create a pre-launch waitlist campaign with Prefinery?

With Prefinery, you can create an amazing pre-launch waitlist campaign. Here's how you can get started with running your own:

  1. Create a new project. During the project setup wizard, in the second step you will be asked what kind of campaign you will be running with this project - make sure to select Pre-launch Campaign

  2. Proceed to customize your project to make sure it runs the way you need it to by clicking on Setup in your dashboard header. You can start off with customizing your signup form and your email messages.

Tip: We highly recommend that you should update and personalize your email messages to match your unique brand and voice. 

If you are also importing an initial email list into your project make sure that you've setup the proper triggers for users with the imported  status on your email message so it's delivered to them. Alternatively, if you already have a list of users who have requested early access, you can import them directly into the waitlist.

  1. When a user submits the signup form, they see the Referral Page which displays their unique referral link (e.g. ) that they can use to earn referrals when they share it with others who then signs up through it. You can set which page on your website your users' referral links point to via Referral Page > Settings > Redirect URL.

    The link contains a referral code (e.g. aBc23 ) which is a 5-character randomly generated alphanumeric string. You can personalize this code by enabling the Vanity Referral Codes feature

    Besides being able to copy-and-paste the referral link anywhere, with the sharing buttons they share their link with friends on social networks, over email, and over messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger. When a friend clicks the shared link, Prefinery records a "share," and the friend lands on your signup form. 

    You can disable/enable sharing options through Referral Page > Settings > Networks

  2. To start collecting signups and referrals using your form, you will now need to install Prefinery on your website or application

  3. If the friend follows a referral link and subsequently submits the Signup Form, Prefinery records a "referral" and gives this referral credit to the owner of the referral link.

    A user's profile will show a list of Referrals they have made. 

    The referred user's profile will show who has referred them (who's referral link they signed up through).

  4. As users earn referrals, they climb up the waiting list according to the configured waitlist algorithm.
  5. After users start to join your waitlist, at some point you will start inviting applicants to your product's beta. This requires you to setup the invitation system.

What's next?

While you might already be setup and ready, you can review your project customization options and make sure you've covered everything you need.

For example, perhaps you might want to implement rewards to incentivize your users to keep earning referrals, in addition to them being able to move up the waitlist.

You can also jumpstart your campaign by importing your existing email list from other platforms.

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