When are Emails Sent?

The successful sending of a campaign email for a Prefinery project relies on all of the following factors: 

Email Message Settings

When creating or editing a campaign email, under the Settings tab you can setup a trigger, delivery delay and delivery conditions for that particular email message. 

These can affect how your email is sent: 


Trigger - A trigger can be an action taken by you (e.g. imported, invited, activated or rejected a user) or by a user (e.g. applies or signs up, refers a friend). The action taken must correspond to what is set as the trigger as part of the condition for the email to be sent. 


Delivery Delay - Adding a delivery delay allows the email to be sent after a specified delay. There is no delay set by default, but other factors still apply. 


Delivery Conditions (Optional) - These conditions must all be true for the email to be sent (as long as other factors allows it). One or more conditions can be set. 

When the Trigger occurs, as long as there's no issue with the other factors mentioned here, the email is added to the delivery queue with the specified Delivery Delay unless there is no delay set in which case the email is queued immediately. For example, if you have set a delay of "3 days" then the email is added to the queue to be sent in three days. 

Now, what happens when the delay elapses? Just prior to actually sending the email Delivery Conditions get evaluated. If all the conditions are met and there's no issue with other factors, the email is sent. If not, the email is thrown away and not sent. 

Email Message Status

Prior to sending the email, considering message settings and factors allows the email to be sent, the message is also checked whether it is Active or Inactive. If Inactive or paused, the email is thrown away. 

Newly created email messages are set to  Inactive by default until you activate them. Make sure that the message is Active if you intend it to be sent by clicking on the blue Action dropdown button for that particular message and selecting Activate

Sender Address Status

Before a campaign email can be sent, make sure that you've already verified your email address and domain. If you're getting a warning on your email message like the one below, it means you'll need to sort out the address verification issue first. 

Verifying your domain will ensure that your sent email arrives in your users' inboxes. Additionally, emails signed by your own domain will look as if they've been sent directly from you, rather than delivered by prefinery.com.

Plan Subscription Status

If you are already on any of our paid plans, then you will have no issue here. 

But if you are currently on the free plan, you can send up to 500 total emails, and once you've reach the limit, email delivery is automatically disabled and any queued emails are stopped. You'll also get the following notification in your dashboard: 

To reenable email delivery, you will need to subscribe to any of our paid plans which will allow you to send an unlimited number of emails and also unlock additional features and significantly increased maximum number of managed users/subscribers. 

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