How to Integrate with MailChimp

Mailchimp is one of the most popular bulk emailing platforms, and through Zapier - a powerful integration tool - you can connect your Prefinery account to your Mailchimp one to automatically send and sync signups. 

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Setting up Zapier Integration

Here's how you can get started with a Prefinery-Mailchimp integration

Click here to go to Zapier's Prefinery-Mailchimp integration page. 
Under the  Popular Ways to Connect Prefinery and Mailchimp section, click on the Try It button. 

Zapier will walk you through the zap (integration) setup. You may be asked to create your own Zapier account and/or login first to proceed. 
In the zap setup page, you will first need to setup the trigger step which is Prefinery. A Prefinery trigger can be events like when a newuser is added in Prefinery, when a user earns a reward, and a dozen other other possible options. You begin this by connecting your Prefinery account. Click on the Sign In to Prefinery button to continue. 

A new window will popup where you'll be asked to enter your unique Prefinery account API key. You can find this in your Prefinery dashboard by navigating to Settings > Your Settings > API Access

In the API Access page of your Prefinery account, click on the Enable API button at the upper-right corner, then copy the generated API Key (alphanumeric string) and paste it in Zapier's account connection window and click Yes, Continue. Once done, click on Continue in the zap trigger step section. 
Still in the Prefinery trigger step, select your Project and continue to testing your trigger. Before clicking the Test button, make sure that there already is a user added in your Prefinery account to make the setup easier and faster (you can just make a test submission on your signup form to create one). Once the trigger step has found a user, continue to the next step: Add/Update Subscriber in Mailchimp 

Similar to setting up the first few parts of the trigger, the Mailchimp action will also require you to connect your Mailchimp account first. 
Once your Mailchimp account is connected, you can then setup the action step. Here you can select the Audience and map the user email from Prefinery as the MailChimp Subscriber Email. Other fields like Phone Number and Address can also be mapped if you are also collecting those information in Prefinery. Once done, click on Continue so you can test the action step. 

Note: While our integration options provide you with lots of information you can send to a connected 3rd-party service, it is NOT recommended to sync the waitlist/leaderboard position to other systems. 

After successfully testing your action step, you can now Turn on Zap

Exporting data in CSV format from Prefinery, Importing into Mailchimp

If you prefer to manually export your list of users from Prefinery to a CSV file and import them into the email software of your choice, or perhaps there are users that you'd like to add to your Mailchimp account prior to setting up the integration, here's how: 

In Prefinery, from your project dashboard navigate to Users
In the upper-right corner of the Users page, click on Export, then Start Export. The CSV file will be emailed to your Prefinery account email address as soon as it's been processed. You will also be notified from your Prefinery dashboard to check your mailbox once it's been sent. 

Once you have the CSV file, please refer to Mailchimp's guide here on how to import contacts into your Mailchimp account using the CSV file

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