Webhooks and Integration Best Practices

Our integration options allows you to freely send and receive information with 3rd-party software, but there are cases where we recommend doing one thing than the other, and maybe ones we don't recommend doing at all. 

Syncing user's waitlist/leaderboard position, # of shares, or # of referrals

The Prefinery waitlist/leaderboard is a dynamic list, constantly changing as people on that list share and refer friends. There are a number of different scoring algorithms that can be used to control a person's position on the list. With all this considered, if in a big user list a person refers a friend and moves up a position, the positions for all the other users behind this person would've changed too. 

While Prefinery can tell Zapier or send a webhook that a user referred a friend, that information payload does not include the change of positions of everyone else in the list, nor does Prefinery send a webhook when a user's position changes. In a live campaign, the rankings will constantly shift with concurrent referrals coming in. This means that by the time the "referral created" payload was sent, the position, # of shares, or # of referrals may have drastically changed already - different from what came with the payload. 

Due to the above, we do NOT recommend syncing a user's position on the waitlist or leaderboard. Nor do we recommend syncing the share or referral counts. 

Instead, we recommend syncing the referral status link. Or, if you want to build your own "check referral status" page you can embed the referral page on your site and include a link to that page in your email to your users. The referral page widget is the best way to get real-time information on the position, share, and referral stats for a given user.

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