Enabling Prefinery API Access

Using our API, you can connect your Prefinery project with other web services, including your own website or application. 

Before you proceed, please keep these best practices in mind when using our API:

  • Always keep your API key a secret as it can be used to access your account. 
  • Never call the API from front-end code, such as a Single Page Application (SPA) as this would expose the API key publicly. Instead, you can follow our recommendations on how to use Prefinery with JavaScript Frameworks
  • The API key is attached to a user for a given company account. Best practice when deploying a production integration would be to use an API key attached to a user/teammate specifically added in the Prefinery company account for the integration such as developer@yourcompany.com and not person@yourcompany.com since deleting that person’s account (if they quit or are let go) would delete the API key and break your deployed integration. 

From your Prefinery dashboard, click on Settings at the upper-right corner and select Your Settings on the dropdown menu. 


In the Your Settings page, go to API Access and then click the Enable API button to generate a new API key. 


Highlight and copy the newly created API key to use it for your intended purpose. 

You can disable the current API key at any time by clicking the Disable API button. This will also permanently delete the API key, making it no longer usable. 

Clicking the Re-generate Key button will replace the current key with a new one. The previous/replaced key is permanently deleted. 

The API Docs button will direct you to our comprehensive API Documentation

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