Customizing Your Project

Once your new project has been created, you can customize it further according to the campaign you will be running. Here's what you can do:

Customize the Signup Form

This is your opt-in form and what your users see when signing up. Below is an example: 

You have full control over what goes into your signup form and how it looks. 

After creating a new project, you will be brought to the Signup Form editor. By default, it will require the email address of the user, but here you can add other types of fields to collect additional information as needed. You can also add/edit text in the fields and blocks to the language of your choice.

Besides non-input text like headings, paragraphs, lists, tables, etc., the HTML Block can also be used to insert images, embed videos, or custom HTML you want to include on the form. 

For GDPR compliance, you also have the option to quickly add an agreement/consent checkbox. 

You can design the form your way using the different adjustment presets in the Design tab.

Additionally, you have the option to add custom CSS and JavaScript code to further make the signup form your own. 

In the Settings tab, you can set what happens after the user submits your form. There is also the option to redirect the user to another URL This allows you to embed the viral referral page on a page in your own site

Customize the Referral Page

The Referral Page is what the user sees after they sign up through your form, or if they click a Referral Status Link sent in an email. 

Like the signup form, you can fully edit this as well by navigating to Referral Page > Edit from your project dashboard sidebar menu. 

You can use the WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor to freely and easily modify the copy and look of your referral page - add images, edit copy, include dynamic content using Variables, move elements around or change how they look - all while being able to get an instant Preview of how the changes you are making looks on the actual page in both desktop and mobile view. 

The <> HTML view allows you edit the referral page in source mode or even paste in your own HTML code. Also, what you are working on will be auto-saved for you in intervals so you don't lose progress should power or connectivity gets dicey. 

Besides the  Content tab, you also have access to the Design and CSS tabs where you can take your referral page design further by changing the looks of specific elements as well as using your own custom styling. 

We also provide you a selection of referral page themes that you can switch to or reset at any time by clicking the Theme dropdown button. These templates are ready to use, but you can always edit them as you see fit. 

Under Referral Page > Settings, you can change the Redirect URL and setup the viral share buttons as well as social media messages that goes with them. Other settings may become available here depending on the type of theme you have selected for your referral page. 

Verify Your Email Domain

With every new project, you will be required to verify that you own the email address and domain you are using for it.

Customize Email Layout

You can edit one of our built-in layouts or create your own to match your brand. 

Add/Edit Email Messages

Your account comes with a bunch of messages, but you can add more as you see fit, or disable/delete the ones you don't need. 

You can also edit the ones you want to send - change the default copy, add images, and make it your own - and even use dynamic content to further personalize every email

Tip: We highly recommend that you should update and personalize your email messages to match your unique brand and voice. 

Reward Your Users

With rewards being one of if not the best driving force for viral campaigns, Prefinery provides you the option to setup rewards for users when they hit referral goals or when their referral performs a custom action. 

There are three types of reward setups to choose from as shown above - Single-sided, Double-sided, and Milestone-based. These setups allows you to reward a person based on certain triggers like when they simply refer a friend (an example of a signup event), or when their friend later performs a goal-based action, such as makes a purchase, subscribes to your newsletter, requests a demo, etc. (examples of custom events). 

With an email message also setup, you can automatically email users when they meet rewards and when you have delivered those manually or automatically

Integrate with other services/apps

Prefinery allows you to automatically sync your data with other apps and services through different integration options

You can connect your Google Analytics ID or Facebook Pixel; add JavaScript code on Code Injection page; or sync with virtually every app and online service out there using Zapier. Looking for our API? We got you covered!

What's next: If you haven't yet, you can install Prefinery on your website or application now to start collecting signups!

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