How do I import users onto the waiting list?

Important: If testing imports, make sure to only test with valid email addresses that you own as to not unintentionally cause bounced emails due to invalid recipients as that can result in a high bounce rate affecting your email deliverability.

The waiting list is made up of users in the applied status. At minimum, your import CSV file should contain the following columns: email and status (where all cells are applied).

Note: Only users in the applied status are on the waitlist.

If you are moving to Prefinery from another system and want to preserve the original signup timestamp for users who have already joined your waitlist, then you can add the applied at column to your CSV file. 

For example, the following CSV file structure would import both people onto the waiting list and preserve their original signup date.

email status applied at applied 2020-06-25T20:48:13Z applied 2020-06-25T21:32:23Z

Your users' position in the waitlist are also defined by their signup timestamp on the  applied at column. You can't import with a "position" column to explicitly set the position. Waitlist position is dynamic and being calculated at a point in time using the waitlist algorithm. 

Note: When importing users with an applied at timestamp it is recommended that you sort your import file by the applied at column from oldest to newest (i.e. older signups should be at the top of the file and recent signups should be at the bottom of the file).

For more information, you can also see How do I import my email list into Prefinery?

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