What are vanity referral codes?

By default, the referral codes generated by Prefinery are random alphanumeric strings, such as jM7f2. Currently, these codes are five characters in length, but that could change in the future. They're also not very memorable.

When you enable vanity referral codes, we'll use the user's name (or email address) to generate a unique, memorable referral code, such as jason997n.

Here's how to enable this feature:

  1. From your project dashboard, go to the Settings > General page.
  2. Tick the Enable Vanity Referral Codes option.
  3. Save the changes.

After you enable this feature, referral codes will be generated using the first 6 characters of the user's first name (or the first 6 characters of their email address, if their name is not available), plus a random 4 digit alphanumeric string in order to ensure uniqueness. These codes can be up to ten characters in length. For example:

  • User's name: "Jason" → referral code: "jason997n"
  • User's email: "marysmith@gmail.com" → referral code: "marysm538k"

Turning this feature on will not change the referral codes of existing users, and will only apply to new ones after the feature was enabled. Consequently, when you turn it off, existing users that have vanity referral codes will get to keep them.

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