How to use Sync Spider with Prefinery

Prefinery has native integration support with different apps, and for more complex integrations you can use Zapier, and Webhooks. You can even run your own scripts to capture submitted data. 

Much like Zapier, Make, Pabbly Connect and Integrately, Sync Spider is an online integration platform that allows you to automate processes between two or more services. 

With both Prefinery's and Sync Spider's native integration, you can connect your Prefinery campaign to other 3rd-party tools using Sync Spider.

Here's how: 


Login to your Sync Spider account and from the dashboard go to Integrations, search for Prefinery and in the results click on it. 


Give your integration a Name (required) and Description (optional), then click on Next


Check Capture Webhook Response then click on the Copy (clipboard) button for the Webhook URL


In your Prefinery project, go to Integrations > Webhooks. Click on Add Endpoint in the upper-right corner, then paste in the Webhook URL you copied from the previous step as well as specify the Event you want to capture and send data about through the webhook. Click Add


Once the endpoint is added, find and click on its Test button. A green confirmation message will appear to indicate that the sending of the test webhook through the URL was successful. 


Back in Sync Spider, you'll find the captured webhook response. Set the same trigger as the Prefinery endpoint then click Finish

You should now see your new Prefinery integration under Existing integrations, and ready to be used in a task

Note: While our integration options provide you with lots of information you can send to a connected 3rd-party service, it is NOT recommended to sync the waitlist/leaderboard position to other systems. 

To learn more about how Prefinery handles webhooks and what data you can pass through it, please refer to: How to use webhooks?

Want to know which apps you can integrate Prefinery with using Sync Spider? Check them out here: Integrations | Sync Spider

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