How to use Integrately with Prefinery using Webhooks

Prefinery has native integration support with different apps, and for more complex integrations you can use Zapier and Webhooks. You can even run your own scripts to capture submitted data. 

Much like Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly Connect and Sync Spider, Integrately is an online integration platform that allows you to automate processes between two or more services. 

With both Prefinery's and Integrately's native webhook support, you can connect your Prefinery campaign to other 3rd-party tools using Integrately. 

Here's how: 


In your Integrately dashboard, go to My Automations then click the Create New Automation button. 


Select App 1 then search for "webhook". In the results, find and select Webhook / API Integration

Proceed to add your other app (the one you'd like to sent your Prefinery data to). We'll be using Google Sheets in our example here. 

Scroll to the bottom and set trigger (When...) to Operation is performed in Webhook / API Integration, and action (Do...) which is up to you. Click Go when done. 

In the popup that appears, choose YES to go to Automation Builder. 


In the Automation Builder, click on Add Connection for the Webhook trigger/When step. 

In the modal that appears, Copy your Webhook URL


In your Prefinery project dashboard, follow our guide on using webhooks to add Integrately's webhook URL. 

After adding the webhook URL, click on its Test button to confirm that you've added it properly. 

If all's good, a notification message will appear telling you that Integrately returned a response code of HTTP 200 which means you're pretty much set from Prefinery's end. 


Back in the Integrately, click on the Test Connection button. 

If the test is successful, you'll be brought back to the Automation Builder page. For Need only specific part of data? choose Data. You will get a preview of what data has been sent through the webhook. 

Your Integrately automation's Prefinery webhook trigger/When app is all set! You can now scroll down to create your action/Do step. 

Note: While our integration options provide you with lots of information you can send to a connected 3rd-party service, it is NOT recommended to sync the waitlist/leaderboard position to other systems. 

To learn more about how Prefinery handles webhooks and what data you can pass through it, please refer to: How to use webhooks?

Want to know which apps you can integrate Prefinery with using Integrately? Check them out here: Webhook / API Integration Integrations | Integrately Store

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