How do I customize the 'from' email address in Prefinery emails?

Before you can customize the "from" email address for the emails that your Prefinery account sends to users, you will first need to verify your control of the domain email address. Here's how: 

Please note that as with any software that involves sending of email in your behalf, it is not possible to use shared domain addresses common with free mailbox services like a or a address. You are required to use your own business or personal domain email address.

From your dashboard's left navigation sidebar, click on Email then select Senders

In the  Sender Addresses page, click on the blue  Add an Email Address button in the top-right corner to open up the modal. Fill in the From Name and From Email fields and click the Create button. 

A confirmation email is automatically sent to the  From Email address that you added. Check the mailbox for that address and make sure to click on the confirmation button within the email to proceed.
Once the email address is confirmed, the next step would be to validate your email address domain. To get started, click the Verify Domain button next to your email address. 

Verifying the domain ensures that your sent email arrives in your user's inbox. Additionally, emails signed by your own domain will look as if they've been sent directly from you, rather than delivered by 

Still in the Sender Addresses page, in the Domain Verification section, click the View Verification Instructions button to find more information about the changes you need to make on your domain's DNS settings. Verifying your domain will require you to add a DKIM record to the domain's DNS settings. You do not need to add a SPF record

If you've already done the above and are still not able to verify the domain, please allow up to 24 hours for the changes in your DNS settings to propagate depending on how fast or slow your DNS provider is. Most of the time, it just takes less than an hour. You can use the provided  Refresh button to trigger a recheck of your updated configuration. 
Now that your email address and domain are verified, navigate back to Email > Messages on your dashboard's sidebar menu and make sure that your messages are now using the newly verified domain email address since adding a new sender will not automatically assign it to a message. 

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