How do I deliver rewards?

Earned rewards need to be delivered or revoked. You can choose whether you would like to manually review rewards or automatically mark them as delivered. This is configured in the  Reward Editor from within your account

Manually Review & Deliver

If you choose to manually review the earned rewards, you can do so from the Pending Rewards tab on the Users page in your account. This tab will only appear when you have rewards to review.

Additionally, a specific person's rewards can be found on the Rewards tab when viewing their profile. 

If you are manually delivering the reward, then do so and then mark the reward as delivered. Marking the reward as delivered helps you stay organized. Likewise, if you do not wish to deliver the reward to the person, then you may mark it as revoked.

If you would like to automate the delivery of the reward, then mark the reward as delivered and catch the webhook reward_delivered in order to actually issue the reward to the person.

Automatically Deliver

If you choose to automatically mark the reward as delivered, there are different ways to get the reward delivered to the user. 

In cases of coupon and access codes being the reward, you may be able to simply include the code from within the email body of your "reward earned" email. 

Using Zapier or other no-code automation tools, you can also integrate your Prefinery campaign with 3rd-party reward providers like print-on-demand and coupon distribution services which allows you to automate and streamline the whole process. When a user gets enough referral to earn the reward, the integration sends information to the reward provider so they can process and send/ship the reward to the user. 

With webhooks you should be catching the webhook reward_delivered as the trigger to issue the reward to the person. Refer to the webhook documentation as shown below for details on what is included in the payload. 

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