How to Set up Slack Integration

You can get notified in your Slack channel when users are added, modified or deleted from Prefinery.

Option 1. Use a Slack Webhook URL

Follow the instructions here to create a Slack Webhook URL. This article, provided by Slack, will guide you through the process of creating a Slack app, enabling webhooks, and generating an Incoming Webhook URL.

After you have created an Incoming Webhook URL, use it to create a Webhook endpoint in your Prefinery account by clicking on Integrations and then Webhooks, then the Add a URL button.

Option 2. Use Supported Integration Tools

No-code automation tools like Zapier lets you connect just about any two web apps with each other. You can find our Zapier app, here, and connect your Prefinery account to your Slack account.

This option requires you to have a Zapier account. Furthermore, your Zapier subscription will determine how many notifications are allowed to be sent to your Slack channel. 

Not using Zapier? No worries, there are other integration tools that supports both Prefinery and Slack as listed here, and even allows you to utilize our API via HTTP requests

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