Automatically Show the Referral Page to Returning Users

When this feature is enabled, Prefinery uses cookies to remember the user, after having joined your campaign, so that if they visit your landing page again they are shown their personalized referral page instead of the signup form.

Enable showing the referral page to returning users

To turn on this feature, from your project dashboard go to Settings > Project Settings

Then in the General Settings tab (selected by default), scroll down and find the Automatically Show Referral Page to Returning Users option and toggle it ON. Save your changes.

When enabled, a person who has already submitted the embedded (or popup) signup form and later returns to your website will automatically see the referral page in place of the signup form. 

Also, when turned on a "Sign in with another email address" link is automatically added to the top of your referral page, as the variable {{page.signup_link}}

When the user clicks this link, they are  forgotten and shown the signup form again. You can edit, delete, or move this link around on your referral page.

Feature limitations

This feature conditionally shows the referral page, instead of the signup form, when using Prefinery's embeddable widgets, such as the embedded signup form or the popup signup form. 

This does NOT work with forms that Prefinery does not own, such as forms you build yourself and send data to prefinery via one of our APIs, nor does this work with the Magic Form feature. 

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