How to Install the Signup Form on Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages is a landing page builder that helps you quickly create & publish landing pages without code. Their main feature is being able to craft AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) landing pages. 

Unfortunately AMP pages do not allow including external JavaScript. Moreover, even Swipe Pages' own landing page creation wizard states that their AMP pages "does not support custom JS".

Installing Prefinery on Swipe Pages

In order to use Prefinery with SwipePages, Swipe Pages requires that their Standard Pages be used. 

Here are two options that we suggest, and what our customers who use Swipe Pages have been doing: 

A. Use a Standard landing page - Without utilizing the AMP feature, you'd still get fast loading speeds, full design flexibility with support for custom CSS and JavaScript. This is the easiest way to integrate Prefinery and other 3rd-party providers with. 

B. AMP landing page, Standard sub-page - With AMP's limitations, what you could do is keep your landing page AMP (e.g., and just have a call-to-action button on it which maybe says "Join the Referral Program" linking to another Standard page (e.g. which is all about your referral program, earning rewards, etc. where the form is embedded. 

If you go with option B above, you will need to set your referral link to the Standard sub-page and not your AMP landing page for share and referral tracking to work since the Prefinery script will not run on the AMP landing page. 

Here's a step-by-step: 


[Optional] If you went with option B, after setting up both your AMP landing page and Standard sub-page (where you'll be installing Prefinery at), in your Swipe Pages dashboard go to Landing Pages, find your Standard signup page then Preview it (to open the page in a new tab). Copy your signup page's URL (e.g. 

Next, edit your AMP landing page variant, select your call-to-action element/button, then set it's Click Action to "Go To Url" and set the URL to that of your Standard signup page.  Save then Publish your changes. 

In your Prefinery project dashboard, go to Referral Page > Settings then set your Referral URL to that of your Standard signup page's (e.g. Save your changes. 


From your Prefinery project dashboard, on the Installation page copy the Prefinery JavaScript Snippet. 


Back in your Swipe Pages dashboard, edit your Standard signup page, go to its Settings > Tracking Codes

Scroll down to the Other Scripts section and paste in your Prefinery JavaScript Snippet in the Head. Publish your changes. 


Back in the Installation page of your Prefinery project, in the 2. Push Users into Prefinery section select Embedded Form then copy the embed code. 


In Swipe Pages, edit your Standard signup page variant and insert an HTML Code module where you want your Prefinery Signup form to display. 

Click on the insert HTML Code module then in its Html Content paste in your Prefinery signup form embed code. Save and Publish your changes. 

That's it! Your signup form is now live on the page!

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