How to Install the Signup Form on Wordpress

The easiest way to install the Prefinery signup form on your WordPress website is by using a plugin such as Insert Headers and Footers. Here's how: 

Note: Prefinery doesn’t have a native Wordpress plugin, but you can head over to our roadmap page and upvote that feature request under the Ideas tab. 


Login to your WordPress website dashboard. 

If you don't have the plugin Insert Headers and Footers installed yet, navigate to Plugins > Add New from your dashboard menu. 

In the search bar, enter "Insert Headers and Footers", look for it in the returned results, click on its Install Now button then Activate the plugin. 


Navigate to Settings > Insert Headers and Footers. This will bring you to the plugin's settings page. 


In your Prefinery project dashboard, navigate to Installation then copy the JavaScript Snippet. 


Back in your WordPress website dashboard, in the  Insert Headers and Footers plugin settings paste in the JavaScript Snippet in the Scripts in Header section. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the Save button when done.  


Now you need to embed the form itself on a page in your website. To do this you can either create a new page ( Pages > Add New) as shown below or edit an existing one (Pages > All Pages). This will direct you to your Wordpress page editor. 


In the Installation page of your Prefinery project dashboard, copy the Embedded Form code. 


Back in your Wordpress page editor, click on the Add Block button, search for "html" to bring up the Custom HTML widget block and select that. In it, paste in your embed code. Click the Publish (for a new page) or Update (when editing an existing page) button to save your changes. 

That's it! When you view the page on the frontend, you'll find that your Prefinery form is now embedded on your Wordpress page. 

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