How to Install the Signup Form on Squarespace

Note: Squarespace requires a paid Business or Commerce plan in order to add custom JavaScript.


In your Prefinery project dashboard, navigate to Installation then copy the JavaScript Snippet. 


In your Squarespace website config dashboard, navigate to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection and paste in the copied code in the Header section. Click Save when done. 

Squarespace also provides instructions on how to do that here


Back in Prefinery and still in the Installation page of your project dashboard, copy the Embedded Form code. 


In Squarespace, Edit your website page. 

Navigate to the section where you want to display your form and add a Code Block. In it paste in the copied embed code, replacing anything that prepopulated the content of the block. 

Squarespace also provides instructions on how to do that here

The form will not immediately display in the editor so make sure to Save your changes first.

The page will refresh and you should find your Prefinery form now displayed. 

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