How to Deliver Video Game Codes

You can use Prefinery to run prelaunch campaigns for video games and deliver Steam keys to your users. 

How it works

You upload a list of Game Codes (e.g. Steam Codes) and an unused one will be pulled off the list and assigned to a user when they are invited.

How to enable


Create a new project and make sure to select Video game from the start of the project wizard (first page). 


In the second page of the project wizard, select Pre-launch Campaign


Proceed to complete the project wizard. 


Once your project is created, from the top-right corner navigate to Settings > Project Settings


In the Project Settings page, click on the Beta Management tab and turn ON the Game Code System. Click the Save button when done. 


Once enabled, you will see the Game Codes tab in the Project Settings sidebar. Click on it and then in the top-right corner click on the Upload Game Codes button. 


In the Upload popup modal, click on Choose file, navigate to where your game codes CSV file is on your computer and select it. Click on the Upload button when done. 

The CSV file needs to be a single column containing a unique game code on separate rows. Here's a sample CSV file you can download (make sure to delete/replace the dummy codes within that file).  

You'll be notified of the import request and once it's completed. 


You'll see the game codes you've imported and their individual status on the same Game Codes tab. You also have the option to delete any specific game code or all unassigned codes at once.  

Finally, you need to make sure the game code is included in your Invitation email. 


Navigate to Email > Messages. Find your invitation email message (set to trigger on the invited event) and edit it. 

Make sure you are on the Content editor tab. You can automatically insert an unassigned game code to each invitation email by using the variable {{user.game_code}}. You can remove any references to  {{user.invitation_code}} if any. Hit Save when done. You can also Preview how the email looks. 

That's about it! If you haven't yet, make sure to also verify the email address you'll be using to send these emails. 

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