Fraud Protection: Block High-Risk IP Addresses

When the "Block High-Risk IP Addresses" setting is enabled via Settings > Fraud Protection (don't forget to save your changes) in your project dashboard, our fraud protection system will automatically block all signups, shares, and referrals coming from an IP address known to be high-risk. 

Our list is an IP set made from multiple blocklists that track attacks, spyware and viruses. It includes IPs that have been reported or detected in the last 30 days.

How many IP addresses are on the blocklist?

Approximately 18,000 IP addresses are in our blocklist.

How often is the blocklist updated?

We update our IP block list every night.

Is there a chance legitimate users will be blocked?

The blocklist may contain some proxy and VPN servers which have been exploited by spammers. As such, there does exist a very small chance of false positives and that a legitimate user will be blocked if they are connecting to the internet via one of these exploited proxy or VPN services.

How can I exclude IP addresses from the blocklist?

If you choose to enable the "Block High-Risk IP Addresses" setting but find that a particular user is being wrongfully blocked, you can add their IP address to the IP Safelist.

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