Fraud Protection: IP Blocklist

The IP Blocklist can be used to block signups, shares, and referrals which come from specific IP addresses. 

Simply enter a comma separated list of IP addresses you wish to block via Settings > Fraud Protection in your project dashboard, and make sure to Save your changes. 

You can either enter a list of specific IP addresses (e.g., use regex (regular expressions) to cover IP ranges (e.g. 192.168.0.[0-9] which would cover,,, and so on up until, or a combination of both.

If you notice many fake signups coming from a single IP address, then you can enter it into the IP Blocklist and all future signups from that address will be blocked.

The IP Blocklist can hold approximately 4,100 IP addresses. If you notice many fake signups coming from a variety of IP addresses, then we recommend enabling the " Block High-Risk IP Addresses" feature.

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