Fraud Protection: IP Safelist

Prefinery employs a fraud protection system to ensure that users cannot game your campaigns especially involving referrals and rewards. This can be configured differently from one project to another. 

The IP Safelist feature in particular can help you allow specific IP addresses to create signups, shares and referrals in a controlled manner (limited or unlimited). This can be useful when you need to test your own referral setup or in scenarios where you want to allow more than one individual from the same IP address (household, workplace, coffeeshop, etc.) for those activities. 

To set this up: 


Know what your IP address is by simply going to and search for "my ip address". Google will immediately display it to you in the topmost result of your query. Copy this string of numbers. 

If for some reason googling it is not working for you, try visiting - the website will immediately display your IP address on load up. 


From your project dashboard, click on  Settings in the right side of the header menu and choose Project Settings on the dropdown. 


In the Project Settings page, click Fraud Protection then under IP Safelist paste in your IP address. You can add more than one by separating them using commas in cases where you tend to move around thus using multiple IP addresses or if there's more than one person in your team managing this particular project. 


Scroll to the bottom and click the Save button. 

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