Pausing Your Prefinery Subscription

If you're looking to temporarily pause your Prefinery subscription, you can downgrade to the Free plan to stop being billed then just upgrade back to your original plan at any time in the future. You can keep your whole account as it is including its projects and users without having to delete anything.

That being said, when you downgrade to the Free plan you might have exceeded some limits already (either the user limit, the email limit, or both), and a couple of things can happen as described here: What happens if I exceed my plan limits?

In particular, if you were using features like integrations, webhooks and API will they also be disabled as a result until you upgrade back to at least the Growth plan.

Since access to data will be limited once you've downgraded to the Free plan, we recommend that you export your user list before doing so as described here: How do I export users?

Once you downgrade, you will continue to be subscribed to the plan you've downgraded from up until the end of the current billing period (you'll see when it will have a cancelling status via Settings > Billing > Subscription). You will no longer be billed for the next period except for overages (if you were on the Business plan and have exceeded its user limit) since plan subscriptions are billed at the start of a billing period while overages are billed at the end of the billing period. 

When you're ready to downgrade, you can follow along our guide here on how to: Cancel Your Prefinery Subscription

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