Creating & Managing a Prefinery Account

Creating a Prefinery Account

To get started with creating your first Prefinery account, click on the signup buttons found throughout our website or follow this link:

When you create a Prefinery account for the first time, the following happens: 

  1. A User account is created for the email address you used when you signed up. You will use this email address and password to login to the company account being created and any other company accounts for which your User account is added as a team member.
  2. A Company account is created and your new user account is added as a team member with full access permissions.

Managing a Company Account

Once a Prefinery company account is created, it can be managed by multiple users by adding them as team members so it's not necessary for them to create their own company account.

A company account can contain multiple projects (aka campaigns). Each project can be connected to a different website, business or just multiple campaigns for the same company. Technically, it's possible for you to manage multiple projects for different websites or businesses in one company account, and even invite team members to help you manage them.

With that said, all team members will have access to all projects in the company account which means it's not possible to simply restrict a team member to a specific project. 

Creating & Managing Multiple Company Accounts

If you're looking to restrict a team member to a specific project - for example, if you're managing different campaigns for different clients, but need each client to only have access to their own projects - the best option for you would be to create separate company accounts for each of your team members with you as the manager for all these company accounts. 

To do that, after having created the first company account and logging in to it, just go back to the signup page ( to create another one. You will no longer be asked for your login email address and password. All these company accounts will be tied to and accessible through your manager account.

After having created each new company account, you can then add a team member to it. To do that, make sure you're currently accessing the correct company account by using the company account switcher like as shown below: 

You can then follow along our guide here on how to add the team member to that company account: How to add team members?

Next Steps

If you haven't yet, you can start creating projects in your company account

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