How to Reset a Forgotten Password

If you're still able to login and simply want to change your current password, please follow this guide instead: How to Change Your Password

if you're unable to login due to having forgotten your correct password and are sure that you've entered the correct account email address (not misspelled, nor not an email address you didn't signup with), here's how you can request for a password reset:

1. From the Prefinery login page, click on Forgot password?.

2. Enter your correct account email address (make sure there's no typo) and click Request reset link.

Please only request for a password reset link once, and just wait for the email to arrive at your mailbox. Spamming reset requests will not speed up the sending of the email, and each new request will just invalidate the last one which may cause confusion in the event these multiple, closely requested emails are not received in the correct order.

3. Check your mailbox for an email from with subject line "Prefinery Password Reset Instructions". Open it and click on the Reset Password button which opens up a new tab/window.

Still not receiving the email even though you're sure it's the correct account email address with no typo?

The reset email is immediately sent on request, and in most cases received in a few seconds.

Mailboxes like Gmail will automatically stack together similar emails by default so if you've requested for a password reset in the past, the new reset email might be stacked with the old email, so make sure you're reading and clicking on the new email.

Kindly also check if there's any filters and/or auto-forwarding/deleting setting for that particular mailbox. There had been cases where the password reset email from us was automatically being forwarded to another mailbox and deleted from the initial mailbox, others automatically marked as read and archived. We recommend checking both the spam folder and the trash folder too.

If after a few minutes you're still not receiving it, please reach out to us at using your account email address.

4. Enter your new password and click Change my password to proceed with the change. A message will briefly appear on the upper-right corner indicating the successful change to a new password, and you'll be redirected to the login page.

5. In the login page, enter your correct account email address and your new password, and proceed with signing in. A success message will briefly appear on the upper-right corner indicating a successful login, and you'll be redirected to your account dashboard or a 2FA verification page first if you have that feature enabled on your account.

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