Localize Email Messages and the Referral Page in Multiple Languages

If you are using our embedded signup form then we automatically capture the user's locale (the language preference of their web browser) and associate that with the user in their profile at the time they sign up. Given this, you can place various localized versions of the copy in your email messages and the referral page, but use some code to determine which version is received by each user.

Prefinery uses the Liquid language ( docs here) for content on email messages, the referral page, and even the HTML block on the signup form (but not on other signup form elements like fields inputs & labels), and you can use conditional statements like if/then based on the recipient's locale to determine which copy embedded in the content they will receive. 

To do this, you simply edit the message and click on the HTML button of the WYSIWYG editor: 

You can then add your conditional statement like the following where if the user's locale is en (English) the content will display Welcome!, else if it's es (EspaƱol/Spanish) the content will show Bienvenido!

{% if user.locale_language == 'en' %}
{% elsif user.locale_language == 'es' %}
{% endif %}

Alternatively, for email messages you can just create multiple versions of the same email, each in its own language, with a delivery condition to determine which is sent depending on the user's language. 

For example, create the Welcome email with a delivery condition of "Language is English". Then, clone the email, edit it and set the delivery condition to "Language is French". Now, there are two Welcome emails, but only the one that matches the user's language gets sent to them.

The same approach can be used if you'd rather set the delivery condition depending on the user's country which is captured automatically during signup with geolocation enabled. 

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