What Causes a User to be Suspended?

A user will automatically be suspended if any of your campaign emails sent to them results in a hard bounce. 

A hard bounce means that the email address does not exist. An email can hard bounce at any time, even for a previously working address, for example if that person were to close their email account. 

Even if you ran the user's address through email validation services, they are not always very accurate and may give you misleading results.

What Happens When a User is Suspended

When a user is suspended, email delivery and social sharing via this user's referral link is disabled and and any existing Shares or Referrals are not counted. 

How to Unsuspend a User

If a user is suspended in error you can Unsuspend them from their profile page. 

You would also want to check Email > Suppressions and search for that user's address. If a suppression exists for them, you would want to click the Reactivate button to remove that address from the suppression list so email delivery is re-enabled for the user. 

While Suppressions and Suspensions seem similar, they are not exactly the same. In both cases email delivery is blocked, but a Suspension goes even further by disabling the referral link and removes any existing shares and referrals that may be attributed to that user. 

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