How can users view the amount of people they have referred?

Similar to how you can personalize your email messages, you can also use dynamic content like the number of referrals the user has by including that variable in the Referral Page content. This way, the user can easily check their referral and share stats. 

Adding Number of Referrals to Referral Page


From your project dashboard's sidebar menu, navigate to Referral Page > Edit


If you are already using our default Waiting List theme, you'll find that the variable {{user.referrals}} is already included as shown below. 

If you're using a different theme though or made one from scratch which doesn't have that variable included, or if you'd like to use that same variable somewhere else in your referral page then proceed to the next step. 


Click on the Variables button in the upper-right corner, find {{user.referrals}} in the popup Variable Reference list and copy it (or just copy the one in this guide). Close the list. 


Edit your Referral Page content and paste in the variable you copied where you see fit. 


Save your changes. You can click on the Preview button to see how the change you made looks the way your users see it. 

How Users Can View Their Referral Stats

When a user signs up and confirms so that they are in the applied status, every time another user signs up through their unique referral link they will receive a notification email similar to the one below which contains a status check link ("here"). 

Clicking that link will direct them to the referral page showing their stats. 

Alternatively, they can simply re-submit their email on your Signup Form. It will just show the referral page, but won't create a duplicate user. 

For more ways on how your users can access their personalized referral page, please see: How Can a User Check Their Position on the Waitlist / Leaderboard?

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