How Can a User Check Their Position on the Waitlist / Leaderboard?

Prefinery provides your users two different ways to check on their referral status. 

Resubmit the signup form

The default referral page, which is shown to the user after they submit your form, displays the user's position on the waitlist/leaderboard. 

If the same user resubmits the form (with the same email address), they will be able to see the referral page again but will not be added as a duplicate user. Here they will be able to see their current referral status like their waitlist position/ranking or referral count. 

By editing the referral page, you can make sure that the user can find the information they need on this page by making use of available variables in your referral page content like {{user.waitlist_position}} (user's position on the waitlist/leaderboard) and {{user.referrals}} (number of referrals resulting from clicks through this user's referral link). 

The default Welcome email message contains the user's unique referral status link. When the user receives the email and opens this link, they will be directed to the referral page which shows their updated referral status. 

You can include this link in any email by editing an email message and including the variable  {{user.referral_status_link}} in it. Here's how: 


From your project dashboard, navigate to Email > Messages then Edit the Welcome message or any other email message that's sent to the user right after they opt-in. 


Edit your email message content and make sure that the Variable {{user.referral_status_link}} (link to user's viral referral page) is included in it. Save your changes when done. 

Other options

We've received a feature request to Automatically Show Viral Referral Page to People Who Have Already Signed Up, which is on our roadmap

With this feature, cookies are used to determine whether to show the Signup Form or the Referral Page. This will be an advanced setting that you can enable/disable.

If you are interested in this feature, you can upvote it there and provide comments. 

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