How do I import my existing Viral Loops subscriber list into Prefinery?

If you're moving from Viral Loops to Prefinery, we make it very easy for you to import all participants from your Viral Loops campaign.

Here's how:

1.) In your Viral Loops campaign dashboard, navigate to the Participants page and click on the Export button in the top-right corner.

Then, enter your mailbox email address where you want the exported CSV file to be emailed to.

2.) Check your mailbox and download the attached export file.

3.) Open the export file in your favorite spreadsheet editor/app like Excel or Google Sheets (which we recommend) like as shown below.

4.) In the spreadsheet editor, change some of Viral Loops' headers (first row of the table) to that of Prefinery's, as well as delete some columns, specifically as follows:

FROM (Viral Loops' Headers) TO (Prefinery's Headers)
rank (delete this whole column)
joinDate applied at
firstname first name
lastname last name
email email (just the same)
(all other columns) (delete them)

5.) Add a new column with header status and set all row cell values for that column to applied like as shown below:

6.) Save or download your edited CSV file to your device/computer in the correct CSV format.

For example, if using Excel we recommend that you go to File and choose Save As.

Then, in the Save As modal make sure to set Save as type to CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv). Do NOT use the Macintosh nor MS-DOS ones.

If using Google Sheets, go to File > Download and select Comma Separated Values (.csv).

7.) In your Prefinery project dashboard, navigate to Audience > All users and click on the Import button in the top-right corner like as shown below.

8.) Follow steps 3 & 4 of our guide here to complete the importing process: How do I import my email list into Prefinery?

If you have questions or are running into any problems with the importing process, you can refer to our importing FAQ section here, or contact us by clicking on the message bubble at the bottom-right corner of this page. We'd love to help!

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