Showing the Signup Form in a Prefinery-hosted Page

While the Prefinery-hosted page can be shared to get users to sign up through it, you can't set your own domain/URL for the page (for that, we recommend other options of getting users into your project). With this, referral tracking also doesn't work. 

There are many methods of getting users into your project, including the ability to show your signup form inside a standard campaign page hosted on Prefinery. You can get your project's hosted signup page link by navigating to Installation > Hosted Page in your project dashboard. 

The form itself on the hosted page takes on the design of the embedded signup form, with its container page you can style as described here

As for what happens when the hosted signup form is submitted, it also takes on the Settings you've set for the embedded form like as shown below. 

Do note that the  Replace form with viral referral page option doesn't work for the hosted form. When it's selected, submitting the form will add the user to the project, but nothing else happens from the end user's perspective. 

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