Embedding the Signup Form on a Page

Installing the Form

Step 1: Ensure the Prefinery JavaScript snippet is installed on each web page where you want the Signup Form to be available.

Step 2: Copy and paste this code into your web page where you want the Signup Form to appear.

<div class='prefinery-form-embed'></div>

Additional Configuration Settings

Here is a complete reference of all settings you can pass to the Signup Form. Just add any of these as data attributes to the  prefinery-form-embed div.

Attribute Value Description
data-prefinery-prefill-email string (e.g. "user@host.com") Pre-populate the email address.
data-prefinery-referrer string (e.g. "https://www.google.com") We will automatically determine the HTTP referrer; however, if you would like to manually set this value you may do so.

For example:

<div class='prefinery-form-embed' data-prefinery-prefill-email="user@gmail.com"></div>

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