Showing the Signup Form in a Popup

Installing the Form

Step 1: Ensure the Prefinery JavaScript snippet is installed on each web page where you want the Signup Form to be available.

Step 2: Add a HTML object (such as a link, button or image) to your website and give it a DOM class of "prefinery-form-cta". For example:

<button type="button" class="prefinery-form-cta">Sign Up Now!</button>

Additional Configuration Settings

Here is a complete reference of all settings you can pass to the Prefinery popup. Just add any of these as data attributes in your call to action which triggers the popup.

Attribute Value Description
data-prefinery-prefill-email string (e.g. "") Pre-populate the email address.
data-prefinery-referrer string (e.g. "") We will automatically determine the HTTP referrer; however, if you would like to manually set this value you may do so.

For example:

<button type="button" data-prefinery-prefill-email="">Sign Up Now!</button>

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