Can Prefinery be used to run affiliate campaigns?

Prefinery is not affiliate software.

Affiliate software and referral software have similarities, but they're different from each other in terms of purpose. There's a lot of feature overlap, however, affiliate software tends to focus on the financial stuff like processing payouts, taxes, accounting, etc. 

With Prefinery, you can build a word-of-mouth referral program where you can give your subscribers a unique link to share with their friends, record clicks through those links, attribute a referral (if the friend clicks and then subsequently signs up), and reward users for those referrals. 

You can also trigger rewards based on custom events. For example, you could build a campaign like "reward a user every time they refer a friend and that friend buys something" with the purchase being the custom event. 

In affiliate software the reward is often money -- a financial kickback to the user. That requires processing a payout to their bank or PayPal. This is what Prefinery does not do. Instead, in Prefinery, the reward is something other than money. Could be a coupon code, exclusive access, gift cards and other goods. 

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