How to change Sender (From) Name of your Sender Email Address

When creating your Prefinery project, at some point you'll be asked to setup your sender "from" address, allowing you to use your own name (or business name) and domain email address as the sender of campaign emails that are sent to your users. 

When that is setup, your users will receive your emails with your sender name on it like as shown below: 

When the email is opened, your sender name is also shown in the header. 

If you need to change your sender address, you can just add the new one, apply it to your emails, then delete the old one if needed following our guide here

If you only need to change your sender name though, and keep the same address, here's how: 


From your project dashboard go to Email > Senders, and as shown below add a new sender using the same From Email of the sender address you're currently using. Make sure you set your new From Name here.

If you run into any error while trying to add a sender address (e.g. `You have already added this email address`), please contact us using the floating button in the lower-right corner.


Once the new sender address is added, apply it to all email messages as shown below and as described in step 6 here.


You can then proceed with deleting the old sender address of the same From Email.

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