How to Validate Invitation Codes on Bubble

With Prefinery, you can run a prelaunch waitlist campaign through your Bubble app.

Once you're looking to start inviting people from your waitlist to give them early access, Prefinery features an invitation system you can use to actively and automatically validate those access requests/registrations through invite codes.

Here's how:

1.) Install and configure the Prefinery plugin on your Bubble app following our guide here: How to Install the Prefinery Plugin for Bubble

2.) In your "account setup/registration" form, include an Invitation Code input (Content Format: Text). Below is an example of how that may look:

A typical setup might also include a popup component or perhaps a separate page you can redirect users too if the invite code they're trying to use is invalid. If the invite code and the rest of the inputs are valid, they could be redirected to their dashboard homepage, or yet another page.

3.) Double-click on your form's Sign up button and click Edit workflow in the properties modal that appear.

4.) In the Workflow editor for the sign up button when it's clicked, add an action and select Plugins > Valid Invitation Code. This action will simply validate if the inputted invite code is valid or not, and output a simple Boolean yes/no accordingly.

The other available action, Calculate Invitation Code, can be used if you're looking to only perform the invitation code calculation (ie. know what the user's correct invite code is based on their inputted email address and your Invitation Decoder Key), then handle the rest of the actions differently based on the result. In most cases, the Valid Invitation Code action is more straightforward to use.

5.) The Valid Invitation Code action modal will appear (if not, just click on the action step you just added). Now you'll have to provide your project's Invitation Decoder Key, and also make sure if Short Codes are enabled or not.

To find those, go into your Prefinery project dashboard and navigate to Settings > Beta Management then copy your Invitation Decorder Key while also check if Short Invitation Codes are enabled or not, then update the Valid Invitation Code workflow action settings in Bubble accordingly.

6.) Map the Email Address and Invitation Code values to the form inputs accordingly like as shown below:

7.) The next step is to add your Sign the user up action to create the user's access account in Bubble. Note that your use case might be different where you may want to perform a few other steps first before this.

8.) The Sign the user up action modal will appear (if not, just click on the action step you just added). Map the values of the Email and Password fields to that of your signup form's, then set Only when to if the Result of the Valid Invitation Code step is yes.

9.) You can also add subsequent actions like redirect the user to a specific page after successfully creating them in Bubble, or redirecting them to an "invalid signup/code" page (perhaps a "you haven't joined the waitlist yet" page) if their submission is invalid (ie. invalid code, or email address associated with code doesn't exist in Prefinery yet).

That's it on Bubble's end! You can now test things out or later after the last step below by signing up as a test user on your waitlist, inviting that waitlisted test user, then using that test user's credentials (email address and invitation code) to test out your access account creation form.

10.) Follow the rest of the steps in our guide here (except step 1 "Set up invitation code validation" since you've done that with the above already): Invitation System Setup and How It Works

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