How to Validate an Invitation Code in Python

The invitation code for each of your users is simply a SHA1 hex digest of your secret invitation decoder key followed by their e-mail address.

Given a secret invitation decoder key of  d1696aeb245fa90380a192a41730f07464c906ea and a user email address of (which must be all lowercase), here's how to calculate this user's invitation code in Ruby:

import hashlib <br>invitation_code = hashlib.sha1("").hexdigest()

Your project's secret invitation decoder key can be found within your account on the Beta Management Settings page available via the  Settings -> Project Settings menu in the upper-right corner of the page.

Remember, if you have enabled the use of short invitation codes in Prefinery ( which are enabled by default), you only need to validate the first 10 characters of the calculated invitation code.

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