Why Can't My Form be Submitted

This articles applies to the Prefinery Embedded Form, Modal Dialog/Popup, and Instant Signup Link. 

There can be one or more reasons why your signup form cannot be successfully submitted. When this occurs, the most common error message is "Please answer all required questions."

Please note that the default error message can be changed as needed via Signup Form > Settings of your project dashboard as shown below.

Here are the possible reasons why an error may be shown on the Prefinery signup form, and how it can be resolved: 

Contact us if you're running into any submission issue with your signup form that's not covered below. 

Required fields/questions are not filled

The error message is shown when the user tries to submit the form but skipped questions that were set as Required

For example, if first and last names were required but the user missed to input the first name, that results into an error: 

To improve this experience and if you're not using field labels for your questions, you can manually add asterisks (*) in your placeholder values to indicate to the user that it's required. 

If you enabled field labels, asterisks (*) are automatically added to the labels if the question is required. 

Incorrect input format/syntax

While the signup form checks for input syntax depending on question/field type when the user attempts to click on the submit button, browser auto-fills may get through the syntax checker. 

This results into the error message appearing when the user tries to submit the form. 

To improve this experience, you can edit/improve the error message to also let the user know that they may have inputted their email address incorrectly. 

Signup are disabled

When signups are disabled, a different error message - "This project is no longer accepting new signups." - is automatically displayed when the form is loaded. The user is not able to submit the form even if they correctly entered all information. 

Signups for your campaign, which are enabled by default, can be enabled/disabled at any time by toggling the Disable Signups option via Settings > Project Settings > General Settings of your project dashboard. 

Fraud protection kicked in

If the issue was none of the above, and if the user correctly provided all information yet still runs into the  "Please answer all required questions" error, it's likely Prefinery's Fraud Protection System kicking in. This is especially true if you were testing signups and/or referrals on your own form but missed to follow along our proper testing guidelines

One would expect a more helpful message, but we don’t do it because that would tip off spammers as to what they need to do in order to submit your form. Instead, we show the same error message used for other reasons. 

We highly recommend not to let users know about this, and instead that you setup your fraud protection settings appropriately via Settings > Project Settings > Fraud Protection of your project dashboard. 

If you are looking to run test signups, especially the referral system, please follow along our guide here: How can I test referrals?

Contact us if you're running into any submission issue with your signup form that's not covered above. 

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