Using RTL (Right-To-Left) Language in Your Campaign

Prefinery is customizable enough to support all languages, even those in RTL (Right-To-Left) direction such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu and others.

Signup Form

You'd just enter all text in the signup form builder in the RTL language you'd like to use and then use custom CSS to change the language direction to RTL. Here's how: 


Copy the following line of CSS code: 

body { direction:rtl; }

Edit your Signup Form, then go to the CSS tab. Paste in the CSS code and Save your changes.

Referral Page

With the Referral Page editor, just select a block and click on the LTR/RTL button in the toolbar to change the language direction of the text in the block. 

Email Layout

Like with the Referral Page, the Email Layout editor also allows you to change the language direction at the press of a button. 

Email Messages

The Email Message editor also has the language direction switcher. 

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