Can I customize the language?

Yes, all communication that you provide to your users, from the copy on your signup form to your email messages can be edited in the language of your choice. 

Here's a list of places where you can customize the content to your language: 

  • Signup form - This is where your users can sign up for your campaign. Input box labels, placeholders and form error message can be edited in your language of your choice. 
  • Referral page - This what your users see after successfully signing up on your form. All content on this page can be edited as you see fit. 
  • Email layout - This is reusable design and content that you can apply to all your emails, making them share the same style, header and footer which can be changed as needed. 
  • Email messages - These are the different emails that users get as they progress through your campaign. Our email editor allows you to freely customize each email message in any language you want to use. 
  • Rewards - If you use reward-associated variables in your referral page and email messages, you can also customize your reward name/description. 

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