CSS Inlining in Email

What does it mean to inline your styles?

“Inlining” styles moves the CSS and associated formatting instructions from the style block in the <head> of your email into the body of the HTML.

Why do you need to inline your styles?

For maximum email client compatibility, inlining styles in email is a necessity. If you don’t inline your styles, the styling in the body of your email will not display correctly in many clients, inluding Gmail.

Should I enable Prefinery's automatic CSS inlining?

In most cases, yes. If you are not a developer and are not familiar with HTML and CSS, then we recommend that you leave Prefinery's automatic CSS inlining enabled.

However, if you are a developer and are coding your own email layout in Prefinery and are finding that our automatic CSS inlining is conflicting with your own inlining, then you can disable our automatic CSS inlining as follows: 


From your project dashboard, navigate to Email > Messages, find the email message you want to disable Inline CSS for, click on its Actions button and select Edit


In the email message editor, go to the Settings tab then find and click on Advanced settings to expand it. 


In the Advanced settings, find and turn off Inline CSS then Save your changes. 

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