Concierge Service

Boost your campaign with white-glove onboarding from a dedicated campaign strategist.

Prefinery Concierge Onboarding

With our concierge service, you will have the advantage of working with a dedicated campaign onboarding strategist. They will provide expert guidance to ensure a seamless campaign setup, assist with your technical integration, and adhere to industry best practices, all aimed at maximizing the success of your campaign.

How does it work?

Our concierge team is dedicated to simplifying the process and ensuring a smooth campaign launch for you, with minimal difficulties.

To get started, all you have to do is sign up for semiannual subscription of our Pro plan, and give us access to the platform(s) you would like to host your campaign. We’ll take care of the rest.

From a design perspective, Prefinery campaign assets like the signup form and the referral page work great out-of-the-box. That said, our concierge specialist will customize them to blend in with your brand's design & language.

Which platforms do you support?

We'll help install your campaign in all popular website platforms and environments (e.g. Bubble, WordPress, Webflow,, Unbounce, Squarespace, Shopify, Hubspot, Ghost, etc.) and many others.

You can check out the full list of platforms we worked with here. If your preferred one isn't listed, do let us know. We love looking into new things.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to support installations on Drupal, Wix, or any other custom-built content management system.

How much does it cost?

The concierge onboarding service comes free and included in a semiannual subscription to our Pro plan (billed every 6 months). You'll only need to purchase the subscription upfront, and then we’ll get started. Please note that payments are non-refundable once our team has started work on your installation.

If you don't want to get a semiannual subscription to our Pro plan, you can still get our concierge onboarding service for a one-time fee of $800.

You can click here to learn more about Prefinery plans and pricing.

​How long does a setup take?

Most implementations have a lead time of 5 business days. Large or more complex setups may require more time.

What are some things we can do?

Some common areas in which our concierge service can help are:

  • Campaign setup and integration with a landing page provider or an existing website
  • Custom form integration
  • Newsletter campaign integration with any platform (e.g. Mailchimp)
  • Typeform/survey integration with a referral campaign
  • Campaign integration with 3rd-party services via no-code solutions (e.g. Zapier)
  • Referral tracking of purchases, file downloads, call bookings, and e-commerce integration

Is yours different? No worries. Talk to us and we will find the solution for you!

Can you help customize my campaign theme as part of the concierge service?

Yes, we can help you customize the look of your campaign assets (form, referral page, emails, etc), but the actual design and choice of your brand colors and design aspects must come from you.

Customizations can be made through your project dashboard, or you can provide us a ready-made custom theme that we can integrate with Prefinery. Talented marketing and design professionals can help you with that (we recommend hiring them through Upwork), and we'd love to work with them to set up your campaign.

​Can I request a product demo first?

Definitely! You can request for a personalized demo here to schedule a chat with us and discuss your needs.

If you prefer to immediately jump right in and get a feel of how things work in just a few minutes, you can signup for a free trial on a semiannual subscription of our Pro plan.

Either way, we'll be sure to get in touch immediately to help you get started.

​What do you need from me to get started with the concierge process?

Just send us an email to and introduce yourself, or request a demo.

Tell us about your use-case, and what you want to implement with Prefinery. Share with us all possible details, and ask whatever questions you have - the more we know, the better.

We’ll then get back to you with some answers and perhaps a few questions to ensure we’re a good fit. If you don’t hear back from us immediately, don't worry! We will get back to you during our business hours, from Monday to Friday, between 9AM and 5PM US Central Time.

Still need help? How can we help? How can we help?