Showing the Invite-a-Friend Form in a Popup

Installing the Invite-a-Friend Popup

Step 1: Ensure the Prefinery JavaScript snippet is installed on each web page where you want the Invite-a-Friend Form to be available.

Step 2: Add a HTML object (such as a link or button) to your website and give it a DOM class of "prefinery-invite-a-friend-cta". For example:

<button type="button" class="prefinery-invite-a-friend-cta" data-prefinery-tester-hash="REPLACE-WITH-HASH-OF-LOGGED-IN-TESTER-EMAIL-AND-SECRET-DECODER-KEY">Invite a Friend!</button>

How Do I Calculate the Tester Hash?

The tester hash for each of your testers is simply a SHA1 hex digest of your project's secret invitation decoder key followed by the their e-mail address. This value is calculated similar to how an invitation code is validated, as described here. This is a security measure to ensure invitations aren't sent on someone else's behalf.

Additional Configuration Settings

Here is a complete reference of all settings you can pass to the Invite-a-Friend popup. Just add any of these as data attributes in your call to action which triggers the popup.

Attribute Value Description
data-prefinery-tester-hash string The tester hash identifies the tester who will be sending invitations and is simply a SHA1 hex digest of your secret invitation decoder key followed by the tester's e-mail address.

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