How to Blacklist or Whitelist Email Addresses of Specific Domains

Prefinery already offers tried-and-tested stringent fraud protection to greatly reduce the possibility of abuse by unwarranted users on your campaigns. 

We provide you granular control in the form of limiting how much access users have to your campaign through different IP address control settings. 

In addition, disposable emails are by default blocked from being used to signup on your waitlist or referral program. You also have the option to create your own email blocklist where you can either simply block specific domains, or block all domains except certain ones by navigating from your project dashboard to Settings > Project Settings > Fraud Protection > Email Blocklist then saving your changes. 

Blocking only specific domains

You can use the Email Blocklist to block email addresses from specific domains from being used to signup. 

To do so, paste in your comma-separated list of domains for email addresses that you don't want to allow users to use in the Email Blocklist box and scroll down to Save your changes. 

For example, if you only want users to use their business or custom domain email address and not free mailbox service addresses then you'd set the following: 

Blocking all domains except certain ones

The Email Blocklist can also be used in reverse, in that you can allow the use of email addresses from certain domains, but not let everything else through. In other words, you can use it to whitelist certain domains while blocking all others. 

This is only possible by using Regular Expressions (RegEx). For example, if you only want to allow users with email addresses from .edu domains, you'd set the following: 

RegEx may seem complicated for anyone new to it, but there are free online tools like Rubular and RegExr to make learning and testing RegEx easier before you use it on your blocklist. 

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