How is the Facebook App ID Used?

Facebook requires an App ID when using the  Share on Messenger button on your referral page, and they only allow redirecting to the URL with the same domain as that associated with the App ID.

Creating an app on the Facebook platform doesn't mean you'll have to create an actual mobile or web app. Facebook just requires it in order to create deeper integrations within Facebook which in this case is to connect with your Prefinery campaign. What you need from this is only the Facebook App ID. 

Facebook doesn't allow using our App ID with your URL. If the Facebook App ID is left blank, then Prefinery's is used, and any URLs shared will redirect to .

If you want to redirect to your own domain, then the solution is to get your own App ID and enter it into your Referral Page Settings as shown in the following steps: 


If you haven't yet, register as a Facebook Developer by simply logging in using your Facebook account. 


Once logged in, navigate to your Facebook Apps page and click on Create App

In the popup modal that appears, select the purpose of the app ID you'll be generating. If you're unsure of which option to go with, you can just select Something Else to do this at a later time and hit Continue

In the next page, give your app a display name to make it easily identifiable from your other apps as well provide the correct app contact email address. Click Create App when you're done. 


From your newly created app's dashboard sidebar menu click on the Products Add a Product button, find Facebook Login from the list of products and click Set Up on it. 

You will be directed to the Facebook Login product Quickstart page. Here make sure to select Web and then provide your website URL e.g.


Navigate to Settings > Basic from the sidebar menu. Here, enter your Domain and Privacy Policy URL. Click Save Changes when done. 


Click on the In development toggle button in the dashboard header to put your new app Live. Click and copy the App ID beside it. 


In your Prefinery project dashboard, navigate to Referral Page > Settings, paste in the Facebook App ID, and Save your changes. 

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