How to integrate with SpeechifAI

SpeechifAI is an AI-powered speechwriter for social media posts. Their platform uses AI & social data science to help you write social media posts that make a real impact. 

Using SpeechifAI with Prefinery will help your users share their Prefinery-powered referral links with compelling captions and graphics across all social networks. This makes it easy for your users to simply choose and share those posts with a click. It's like supercharging your Prefinery referral links. ⚡

We've seen up to a 300% boost in referral signups for some of our customers when combining Prefinery with SpeechifAI!

Here's how to set that up: 


If you don't have one yet, create your own SpeechifAI account here to get started with a free trial account.    


Create a new SpeecifAI campaign where you can upload the assets (text, images and hashtags) you'll be using in the social media posts that your users will make. 


After creating your campaign, navigate to your SpeechifAI dashboard homepage, find the campaign you just created and click on its Copy Link button to grab the campaign URL. 


In your Prefinery project dashboard, navigate to Integrations > SpeechifAI and paste in the Campaign URL you copied earlier. Click Save when done. 

Use the promo code PREFINERY2020 for 10% off a SpeechifAI subscription after your free trial!

What the Integration Does

The share buttons on your referral page will be replaced by a single Share now button. 

When the user clicks it, they are brought to the SpeechifAI-powered landing page like the one below where they can choose which social platform they'd like to share their referral link at. 

They're then brought to the following page with your ready-made posts for that particular social platform which they can customize and/or share instantly. 

Users also have the option to instead download the image and copy the text in case they prefer to share the referral link their way (e.g. on a blog post, etc.). 

With this integration, Prefinery share links e.g. will be replaced with SpeechifAI referral link e.g.

Analytics will still appear in Prefinery, as well as in SpeechifAI. 

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